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Want to Support Scripps Health, But Didn't Think You Could? 
Want to Learn About Ways to Save Taxes or Earn Tax-Free Fixed Income?

Call the Office of Gift Planning and we will arrange to present one of the following Gift Planning Seminars for you or your group.  Learn from these free, educational, no-obligation seminars about simple ways that you can create a meaningful legacy at Scripps Health through various "gift planning" techniques!  We also offer private in-home or office consultations, personal gift illustrations, tax deduction calculations and meetings with you and your professional advisors.  

Presenter:  Janet H. McDonough, Esq.  Director of Gift Planning,
                    Scripps Health Foundation

Available Seminars:

Seminar 1 Overview of Gift Planning Techniques
An educational seminar covering an overview of "deferred giving" techniques and tax strategies that can be beneficial to you and also support Scripps Health.  Learn about the gifts that cost you nothing while you are alive (gifts through wills and trusts) plus the tax issues of designating beneficiaries of unused retirement plan assets (for after you pass away).  There are simple ways you can create a meaningful legacy.

Seminar 2 Charitable Gift Annuities
Learn about the simple gift that pays you partially tax free income for your life. 

Seminar 3 Charitable Remainder Trusts
Learn how to avoid or delay capital gains taxes and turn unproductive investments into a fully functioning income producing trust that will benefit you for the rest of your life and then benefit charity after you pass away.  This is a popular estate planning tool used by professional advisors for highly appreciated real estate, stocks and other investments.

Seminar 4:  Gifts of Real Estate
Are you living in a gold mine?  Have you ever thought about donating your home or commercial real estate to Scripps Health?  Learn about Scripps Health's Life Estate Gift Annuity program which may pay you to live in your home and provide you with partially tax-free income.   There are several options for gifts of real estate, some of which will even pay you a partially tax-free annuity income for the rest of your life.  Learn about outright gifts of real estate, real estate gift annuities and life estate gift annuities at this seminar.
To arrange a seminar, please call Fabiola Esparza at 858-678-7120, or email your name, email address and phone number to with a reference to the type of seminar you would like.  
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