Real Estate Gifts

How to Give

Scripps has a long and robust history of accepting all types of real estate gifts, whether as an outright donation, an asset to fund a charitable trust or a charitable annuity. If you have highly appreciated real estate, or are tired of the work and cost of maintenance of your property, here are some of the charitable options.

  • Bargain Sale
    Scripps purchases your property for less than fair market value. You receive cash and a charitable deduction for the difference between the market value and purchase price.
  • Sale and Unitrust
    You give a portion of your property to Scripps to fund a charitable remainder trust. When the property sells, you receive cash and income for life.
  • Life Estate Reserved
    You give your property to Scripps, but retain the right to use the property during your life. In some cases, Scripps may be able to offer you a charitable gift annuity for a portion of your Life Estate Reserved, helping you remain in your home.